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Start your marketing revolution here:

Who we are

Marketing Revolution BV is a full service marketing and outsourcing company that’s helping passionate entrepeneurs reach new levels of success within 90 days.

Your inspiration, your products and your services, everything that makes you successful, all the things that set you apart from the crowd, that’s ‘The Marketing Source Code’, and that is the only thing you should be focusing on.

We guide through inspiration, we inspire to lead

Passionated Entrepeneurs

Leading a successful and profitable business from a personal point of view

How we can help?

With our Marketing Source Code we can discover everything about what separates you from the pack and what will make you successful. And we’ll put it straight to work!

With our multidisciplinary team of experts, each fully committed to your success, we will bring your Marketing Source Code to life.

In our Marketing Dashboard you’ll work with the latest insights and techniques in marketing and internet technology.

Marcel Sanders, Health Balance Group:

“I started my first month with a profit of € 195,- which grew to € 1200,- in the second month and now I’m have a steady monthly revenue through online sales. I’m super happy! And that’s just online revenue. Because it’s true how they say ‘the knife cut’s both ways’ because my offline activities also grew.”

Our focus

We focus on inspiring and guiding passionate entrepreneurs towards leading a successful and profitable business from the essence of their being.

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Over at Marketing Revolution It’s our goal to give you, the expert entrepreneur, a strong and powerful foundation on which to build a stage for your message.

Your business + your story

+ our formula = your success!

Your success = Our success

Our Elite Programm is an exclusive, high-end year program aimed at doubling your revenue within only a year and a half.

In this Elite Programm you’ll be working together with our Marketing Workforce towards new levels of success. Our Program easily excels any other company. It has no hidden costs, no fine print, so it remains completely transparant. Interested? You better hurry, we only have 25 spots a year to fill.

Getting the maximum out of your business over the coming 12 months?

This is the foundation of our business formula:

Marketing Source Code

With our Marketing Source Code we find out what sets you apart

Marketing Workforce

We put together a full team comitted to your success

Marketing Dashboard

We work with the newest insights and techniques in marketing and ICT